Follow me for the truth.


So what the hell is Smell That Shoe anyways? Well, I’ll tell ya what it is. It is a place for me to rant, occasionally rave, and rarely promote stuff. See I’m tired of all the bullshyte in the world, and world I’m going to call you on it. Smell That Shoe is a line that was frequently used on Boston Public. I thought it was fitting. Come back often, you never know what I’m going to write about.

….that’s the shoe of “I’m too drunk for real life”

Really, who racks up am $80 tab amd tries to run out on it. On a Wednesday. Who does that. Oh that’s right, a douchebag. If you can not afford t go out fr a drink and you stay home instead.  And if you are going to attempt something as stupid asrunning out on your tab, than remember this.  I have seen people thrown through plate glass windows for this.  Tonight I had topjt a diuchebag into a full nelson until he calmed down.  People get drunk and think they are tough.  What ever happened to manners. If ylu are,are suspected to be, or know a potential douchebag, do the world a favour and keep the douchieness at home.  We do not want to or deserve to see it or deal with it.  Next time it is not a submission hold you get fron me, but a wee bit of pain.  Asshole

….That’s the shoe of my suv is more important than your life

Seriously folks, WTF, why can people not drive. The concept of pedistrians crossing the street on the cross signal is a simple one. Your light is red, that means stop. The pedestrian now has the right of way. I understand that you and your precious vehicle have many important things to do. Such as going home and reading playgirl while masturbating in your own feces. Why am I so angry, because I was crossing the street when a guy runs the red, almost hitting me. So I do the only rationale thing, and throw my half empty pop can at his windshield. At this point he jumps out and yells “Hey, where are you going!”. So I stop and turn around.  He start yelling at me asking why I would do that and I answer “Why do you have the right to hit me?”. The response, wait for it, “I know I was wrong” followed by wait here I’m calling the cops on you. I said pleas do. He takes off. People, People, People, learn to drive or get off the road. You never know when you’ll get hit by a soda can from an angry, almost ran over, pedestrian.

…that’s the shoe of shitty nachos

Albion Hotel, you have some good points. Nachos are not one of those. Nachos should have a proper amount of cheese, evenly melted. Not this substandard hardly melted half an ounce of cheese. The chips, they were overly dry. We asked for chicken, I think there may have been 3 pieces on the nachos. Oh Albion, stick to what you know and leave the Nachos to Molly Blooms.